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I have been asked by a client to make a “ranch house” cake for their housewarming party in two weeks. I have never done anything like that so if anybody can give me some instructions as to how to build a “house cake” I would be very grateful.

I have the little Wilton cake pan which I could use as the front of the house – I was also thinking that I could do the roof in RKT, but that’s just a thought.

Thank you all!!!!

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3DSweets ...

The only recommendation I have is to consider modeling chocolate for the roof. Good luck!

jmartin064 ...

you can use the wilton house pan as I have on my webpage I did for a housewarming check it out—policy.html

Fun Fiesta Cakes ...

Thank you so much – I have the pan and I was thinking of using it, but the client wants a ranch house, which means I’d have to add sides to the pan. He sent me a drawing of the home and it even has a fireplace… I think I’m going to have my hand full – LOL!