Icing sugar on fondant! How to remove?

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Hi All,

I have made quite a few cakes now and only a few have cracked a bit.
I recently made a cake and when I covered the cake with the fondant it made little cracks on the sides of the cake. Because of the powdered icing used to roll it out it got stuck in the cracks and left the fondant with white cracks.

How can I get rid of them and how do you take all the powdered from your cake?
Do you steam it in some way or what do you do???

If you can just get rid of all the icing it would look so much better.

Hope someone can help me with this.

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Ann-Marie Youngblood ...

Try rubbing some shortening on it…if that doesn’t work some vodka or lemon extract will rubb it right out.

Mette ...

I never use icing sugar because it dries out the fondant :) I always use cornstarch. It doesn’t dry out the fondant and it’ll minimize the little cracks. I use a homemade duster so I won’t use to much cornstarch because there’s no need to.

To remove excess cornstarch I always use a big soft brush e.g. a powder brush normally used for make-up.

Shortening as Ann-Maries mentions is great to help with the little cracks and also to remove excess powder – but only if the brush doesn’t remove it.

Designer Cakes by Anna Garcia ...

I use the mat from sugar wise havent had a crack since the day i started using it :)

BloominScrumptious ...

I’ve found brushing a black fondant cake with Vodka left shiny streaks on the cake which luckily I was putting silver stars all over so it disguised the mistake. I think shortening is the better option, you only need a tiny amount on your hands and rub over the cake.

However, for next time, the best thing I’ve found for rolling out dark coloured fondant that would be spoilt by a dusting of icing on the table to prevent sticking (as you have found) is the latest thing called The Mat. Just google The Mat and check it out. I bought one, it takes a bit of getting used to. You don’t need to use any icing sugar or corn flour, you just put your fondant between two sheets of food grade vinyl and roll away. I find you need a bit more elbow grease to roll your fondant out (and priming the Mat before the first use with a tiny smear of shortening on the inside of both vinyl sheets helps a bit) but you never need to use icing sugar to roll out fondant again. Remembering to separate the sheets to let a bit of air in when rolling gets tough also helps. best thing is, the rolled fondant can be rolled thinner than you would normally be able to get it and you can pick the sheet up with the fondant still on it and just place it over the cake… no more digging your hands and arms under the fondant.

Hope this helps.


Donna Dolendo ...

Also try rubbing (in a circular motion, light pressure) a bit of light corn syrup around the crack. It will soften the crack line. Since using “The Mat” technique, I haven’t had any more problems with cracking with my fondant.

Roseann ...

Try rolling your fondant out onto cornstarch instead of sugar. Any that is showing once the cake is covered can be brushed off with a soft paintbrush. If you have cracks you can try making some royal icing in the same color of your fondantant and piping it over the cracks with a very fine tip. Then using a damp paintbrush or your finger, wipe away the excess. The royal icing will fill in your cracks and they will be less noticable.