How to use isomalt to make sugar gems

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As a newby to cake decorating, was wonder if anyone had a tip or tutorial on how to use isomalt to make sugar gems. Or can I make them without isomalt , just plain sugar.

Thanks very much, Sonia x


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BellaCakes & Confections ...

Hi Sonia! I have used isomalt sticks that you put in a heat proof container and melt in the micro wave. I have also made my own sugar candy. The isomalt sticks are the easiest to use and set up with a clear finish. The hard sugar recipe is alittle more difficult and sets up with a yellowish color to it. if you are adding color to the mix then you dont notice it. Liz from the Artian Cake Co. has a great tutorial on you tube. heres the link
If you put how to use isomalt in the youtube search you’ll find more videos that could be helpful! Personally I love the look of Hard sugar and Isomalt! Good luck!

BellaCakes & Confections ...

oh and this is the link to the sugar recipe that I have used very detailed and easy to follow!

Sonia Eddy ...

Thank you so much Diane, i will check these out. Fingers crossed xxx