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Hello there, I’m looking for a bit of advice. I’ve been asked to make a buttercream covered tiered wedding cake this summer for a wedding held in a marquee. I’m really worried in case the weather is very hot (I know that’s not very probable here in the UK!!!!) and the buttercream might start to melt. Has anyone any advice on the best type of buttercream to use or is it a definite no no!!
Thanks very much, Janice x

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Xclusive ...

Hi, check out the post by sugarpixy on " how to get smooth buttercream that stands up to heat & humidity". Hope you find it useful.

MzCuteCupcakes ...

I would use a buttercream that didnt have any butter, just all shortening. Shortening holds up alot better in hot conditions compared to butter-based buttercream.

But I think you should explain it to the customer and if they insist on buttercream, just go that route. Also, to reduce the amount of time the cake is sitting outside, you should probably time the dropping off of the cake close to the start of the reception. Even though the shortening-based buttercream holds up better you still wouldnt want the cake sitting outside for hours and hours.

Hope this helps

Janice Baybutt ...

Thanks very much to both of you for the advice. Think will definitely try the shortening based buttercream. Have seen a few different recipes now so will have to do some experimenting and tasting!!! The wedding’s in May but knowing British weather though, it probably won’t even be hot after all lol xxx