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Hi all,

I’ve been asked to make a cake hat has a Tasmanian Devil cartoon character. Googled it and did not find any tutorial for this. I have found a couple of pictures of cakes that I saved. If I can’t find any tutorial, I will attempt to reproduce it based on the cake picture I have. If I fail, will have to do something else :-(


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Dina @ miettes,


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Xclusive ...

Hi Dina, use an edible image of the cartoon character – easy way out and guaranteed not to fail.

miettes ...

xclusive, thank you…

The problem is my customer wants a 3D character that is swimming in a bucket of chocolate. She saw this cake with KitKat all around and ganache on the inside (like a pool) and piglets swimming inside. But instead of the pigs, she wants that character because her 2-year old loves it :-)
I told her to start searching for the actual character in a toy store in case I can’t reproduce it…

Xclusive ...

That is one tough & challenging request, hope your customer can come up with the actual toy.

Ciccio ...

Dina if you look for a book called Cartoon Cakes by Debbie Brown she models a Taz Cake so the same but smaller

ClearlyCake ...

Dina, this should be do-able – the worst part would have been if she’d wanted it standing up, but as it’s going to be swimming then break it down into parts:
- first decide which parts of the figure you want showing (head obviously, but then just the toes (kicking up) and the hands?).
- work out how big each part needs to be and draw them sized on a piece of paper – this can act as your template, so you don’t, e.g. make the head too big.
- from the way I work, I would start off with the lower part of the face (beige) and hollow the mouth, and put a flat piece of the burgundy paste in, and then add the teeth. Then add the top part of the head.
- make sure you hollow out for the eye socket and for the eyelids, add a rolled piece of paste over each eye (once the eyeball is in).
- not sure if you have the colour needed for the tongue – the only one I know of is a craft colour (so non-edible).

Hope that helps in some way… I’m sure you’ll do a fantastic job, good luck :)

Goreti ...

Not sure if this will help you but I found this one:

miettes ...

Jo, thanks for the info regarding the book.. We don’t have it here; I will probably order it from Amazon but I doubt I will receive it in time for the cake… But I will get it regardless!!

Helenna, I will follow your advice about working in parts. I will let you know how that works and if I need more “help”… Thanks as always!!

Goreti, fantastic link… It actually has the how-to to do the face of the character, which I am going to follow :-)

Thank you, Ladies!!