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I’m decorating a dummy cake for display, and I want to make a double-barrel. My question is, How do I attach two 6" dummies so I can cover them together. And how to I make the seam appear smooth, since the dummies aren’t actually perfectly shaped (sorry to be picky) and fondant shows everything? Thank you for any advice!
- Elizabeth, 3D-Sweets

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Xclusive ...

Make a gunge glue – some gumpaste mixed with just a bit of water, gives a very very sticky glue (you need to mix it using your hands). Lightly moisten the surface of the dummy by brushing with sugar glue or piping gel before spreading the gunge glue and gum the dummies together. You can also re-enforce the join by inserting about 4 wooden coctail / thin barbeque sticks ( before you gum both dummies). Place something heavy over the joined dummies (a couple of books) and allow the gum to set, before applying the fondant.

3DSweets ...

Thanks so much, xclusive!