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I was wondering what everyone’s thoughts are about the PME tips. the PME tips are super expensive to order, but i do a lot of cookies (you can see my work on my page) with fine detail and the wilton and ateco just aren’t cutting it. the ateco rust like you wouldn’t believe and they don’t have anything smaller in wilton than a 1 that i can find. i’ve heard that the PME are really good, but at $5 per tip i just wanted to see what you all thought. Thanks!!!

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Jacque McLean - Major Cakes ...

I haven’t ever used them but I am interested to hear someone else’s experiences with them. $5.00 a tip is expensive but maybe worth it…..Wish I could help you more! :D

Tiffany Palmer ...

I have 2 that my grandfather gave me in his collection of cake supplies last year. There is no seam on them, so perfect for any detailed work. I am definitely going to be investing in them come tax time. For detailed work, definitely worth it. I have only used 2 of the writing tips, I think there is a basket weave tip in there somewhere but have not used it yet so I can only tell you what I think of the writing tips. Good luck. =)

Tiffany Palmer ...

FYI: They have a 20 pc set on for $66 right now, which is a crazy good price for them.

Nikki Belleperche ...

SweetBee, You say that your grandfather passed them down to you, that is the sign of a good quality product if you ask me! Supplies that can be used from generation to generation (that will not only last you a lifetime but can be passed down to your kids or even grandchildren!) are always worth the money if you have it!