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Hi guys, I am in desperate need of finding a software that works to help me pricing my cakes and cupcakes. I’ve read bad reviews about “Cakeboss” and had high hopes on the “CakeWhizz” but that one disappeared. Do you guys have any suggestions by any chance please? I am using a Mac.

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Slice of Sweet Art ...

I don’t use any special software but I did create a spreadsheet with links and formulas that help me calculate my costs. It works for me, but then again, I’m heavily spreadsheet oriented (I actually organize my daily to-do lists in Excel)

Sophisticated ...

That’s the thing with me. I started creating spreadsheets but I’m not that excell oriented person, and sometimes I kinda feel like I might be selling myself short. That’s why I’m hoping to get a good software that would help me out with that. It’s getting frustrating at this point.

Jessica ...

I’ve had the same question! Let me know if you find anything out! :)

Daniela ...

Try the cakeulator if you have iphone, andrioid app coming soon