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Hello Lovelies,

I’m very interested in your opinions on social media etiquette regarding cake decorating. I hear questions asked all the time but rarely answered and I hear LOTS of complaints about people purposely or unwittingly breaking the unwritten ‘rules’ of facebook, instagram etc.
I wonder if we can assist everyone by getting lots of examples put forward here for those new to the arena to be able to read and avoid some innocent mistakes.

A few to kick us off….

1. It is NEVER acceptable to misrepresent someone else’s photo as your work.

2. I believe it’s always a nice to ask permission to recreate some one’s design. I absolutely believe it’s essential to credit them in any picture you post.

3. Commenting or emailing some one’s page with just a link to your page is considered rude.

What do you all think? I’m sure you have LOADS to add ;) xx

Raewyn, Sydney, Australia


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Ciccio ...

Great topic Rae…. you nailed it on 1, 2 & 3 here’s a couple of others that I see

4. posting a rude or negative comments on someone’s beautiful cake that someone else’s was better…. recently happened to Cakes by Carol with her stunning chocolate ruffle cake…shocking!!

5. Asking how you did something…then not saying thank you….it’s just manners :-)

Raewyn Read Cake Design ...

Oh good ones Jo!!! I recently had number 4 happen to me…..I was mortified! I think being creative types makes us a little more sensitive than most….but Jeez people, please be gentle lol! Thanks Lovely :) xx

Kazza ...

Hi Rae, I agree with what both you and Jo have said, also its the age old problem of people with no manners.

Bliss Pastry ...

So far I have been very very lucky and no one has been rude on my page. I did get an email from a lady written in a language I do not speak and when I responded thank you but I do not understand what she needs because I only speak English she responded in English that she speaks English. So I would say if you speak the language that is predominant on a page why would you email the owner in a different language? When I visited Paris I spoke French the entire time. Everyone really appreciated my effort and they were all so kind to me. If you speak the page owners language then speak to them in that language. It would be most appreciated.

Raewyn Read Cake Design ...

Great point Kristen! I have used Google translate in the past but some of the garbled translations have been bizarre….so i certainly wouldn’t be confident trying to use it to reply to someone! Thanks Lovely :) x

Raewyn Read Cake Design ...

Thanks Karen….manners seem to be going out of fashion don’t they?? A bit like common sense isn’t so common anymore haha!
I’m hoping we can get a list of easy to follow do’s and don’ts for newbies (and some older offenders) to scroll through and avoid the pitfalls we all stumbled through learning what to do and what not to do :) xx

Lesley Wright ...

I agree with everything that’s been said.

I also think if you’re going to ask another caker for help, it’s nice to say, ‘please’ rather than just comment ‘tutorial?’ or ‘recipe?’ under a photo. We may not be face to face, but good manners still apply.

In the same vein, I think it’s also polite to do a quick Google search on the subject you’re about to ask about to see if you can quickly find an answer before asking someone else. If someone asks me how to make marshmallow fondant, for example, I just suggest they Google ‘marshmallow fondant recipe.’ I’m always happy to help, but don’t necessarily want to become a substitute for Google.

I also think it’s nice to make a bit of effort to find the original creator of a cake even if you were just handed a photo to copy. Google lets you do a reverse image search and hunt for an original picture.

Go to Google and click Images. In the search box, click the camera icon and upload the photo you want to find.

CakesbyAngelaMorrison ...

Hello!!! I just consider very rude when ppl reach out to you just to ask how you made it without even saying they like what you post! At least be polite and tell the person you are loving what she/ he made that’s why you are asking about it! I recently posted that ppl could share their pages, so I was surprised to see that ppl that lives around me that had never said a word to me to support me before, shared their links on my pages! I wouldn’t do ever that, for me it was disrespectful! I’m happy to help anybody if they need something, just be polite:))

Calli Creations ...

I agree with all the replies and your pointers too Rae.. spot on!!!

Rudeness: a big no-no!!! I will hit that delete and ban button, no second chances

Unkindness/negativity/spiteful schoolyard behaviour: I have only had one rude person who misrepresented me on her home page in a really bad way and I could not see it. I only got to hear about it when a kind person sent me the screen shot… but I did not react to in anyway, shape or’s just not worth wasting my time over petty whining.

We are all creators, therefore artists and pretty sensitive ones too.. loads of hard work is put into our creations, not to mention the long hours and late nights, sacrifices and fitting this around family and daily responsibilities whatever they are. we love sharing and in a loving caring way as that is what this cake decorating is all about… keep it positive, joyful, empowering and caring of others

thanks Rae.. sermon over :) xx great topic!!!

Unusual cakes for you ...

Well to be honest i have never had anyone be critical or rude to me, but i am hardly in the limelight like you ladies….. I have been lucky with all of your praise , help and kind words, Calli you made my year and then some when you came to my page and also gave me a shout from you page (seriously i died and went to heaven) Rae i was mortified that the first contact I ever had with you was my epic cake volcano explosion lol, but you came to my rescue when you commented on my page to go look at your recipe, and lesley i have purchased one of your tutorials, phenomenal and we all know what amazing help you give…. So my point is if everyone takes a leaf out of your books and has the same approach and etiquette as you ladies , then what cake heaven we would have :)

Calli Creations ...

What a wonderful positive message hon… I agree with it all… keep it positive, upbeat and fun!!! :) 99.9% of my feedback is positive and that makes me overjoyed :) it is a caring sharing colourful inter-alia community :) xxxx

Sugarpixy ...

Being rude is never a good thing and it says so much about the rude person. A wonderful customer gave me a picture of a Kate Sullivan cake and gave me permission to change the design to fit her event. My ex PA said after the cake was finished “it’s cute but does not look like the picture” . Negativity is a bad thing as I believe that we are here to encourage each other along in life.

pamz ...

Hello everyone,

I have just started out in the cake business, well i don’t even have a customer yet :( but all the above points are so valid. I recently purchased a tutorial from a cake decorator I admire a lot and she was quick to thank me for my purchase. when i created a facebook page I asked if she would consider liking my page. Have not heard from her since. I just thought since I am fairly new to this a little support would mean a lot. Of course as adults we can choose what to like and what not to, but i was so disappointed after that incident. I still have liked a page and will continue to do so. Why can’t we support each other? Its just such a shame though when i think about it. Anyways such is life eh? happy caking everyone :) x

Raewyn Read Cake Design ...

Thanks so much everyone for your wonderful input and for keeping things positive :)
Robin – You shouldn’t be mortified over me knowing about your volcano cake (lol) I’ll let you in on a secret, I HATE baking….that’s why I have those tried and tested, fool proof mud cake recipes that I shared with everyone…I stick to things I know. Anytime you want a laugh and to feel REALLY good about your baking skills, come and watch me in the kitchen…I’m only happy once the oven is off haha!! :) xx
Pamz – I’m so sorry you’ve had that experience. Don’t give up on us, I’m amazed everyday at the wonderful sense of friendship, generosity and kindness in the caking community.
I’ve just popped over and liked your page :) xx

Calli Creations ...

oh Rae… isn’t it funny how we all have different hates with cake decorating… perhaps another forum topic for another day.. I hate covering boards :) xx

thanks for this insight Rae and all :)