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Hello, I am a cake decorator but have never kept a photo album of them. I will do that in the future. I love this site and the “art of cooking”

I am also a digital collage artist and am working on a collage of “Birthday Cakes”. I will use 40-50 images of decorated birthday cakes. Would any of you wonderful cake artists be interested in allowing me to use your cake images for this purpose? If so, please let me know. Eventually I hope to sell my image, on Zazzle, so I need to be able to prove that I have the owner’s permission for each image that I use in the final product. What I can assure you is, if it sells, I will send you via U.S. Mail, a copy of the finished product.

Thanks for your help.

Happy Baking!



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Slice of Sweet Art ...

I’m a bit confused here . . .

- you’re asking fellow cake decorators to use images of their cakes for a collage that you want to sell?

- do you intend to compensate the cake artists who’s images you use? If so, how?

- do you intend to credit each cake artist who’s work you use?

The Clever Little Cupcake Company ...

If you’re a cake decorator, why not make your own cakes to photograph. It would be too messy trying to compensate everyone for their images.

Good luck with your project, x

Okobojibel ...

Hello, to answer your questions.

I am a cake baker/decorator but I have not done so in a few years and never anything half as beautiful as the cakes I see here. I am retired, live in a rural area and don’t bake anymore.

I certainly plan on compensating the photo owner for the use of their photo for my purpose. I have made and sold several collages and have no problem keeping track of whose photo is whose.

My only problem is that I can not compensate anyone until my image gets sold.

I have an agreement that I can send to you for this purpose.

If anyone is interested, please send me a msg.

Thank you.