how do I make a large ribbon with folds around my cake

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I would like to make a cake with a large ribbon and brooch around my cake. I want it to be realistic with folds etc. How do I achive this look? Thanks so much

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Fun Fiesta Cakes ...

If you want the ribbon to go around the entire circumference of your cake, go around the cake with the proper width fondant strip, then cut your ribbon “legs” and add them to the front of the cake (at this point you can fold them any way you prefer since the fondant will still be pliable) and then add the ribbon loops, which I would do ahead of time so they are dry and hold their shape. Lastly, you add your brooch with Royal Icing. There may be easier ways to do it, but this method usually works for me. Send us a picture!

6 Bittersweets (Xiaolu) ...

Yea a picture would help a lot so we can understand exactly what you’re trying to achieve.

DelightfulSweets ...

DelightfulSweets ...

Okay here is a pic and one in the above message of what I would like to accomplish – the sash around the cake, how do I do that and what is it called? Thanks everyone!