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Does anyone have any advice on making a cake that looks like a mug of coffee?

Dont hate... Eat a cupcake!


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SarahBeth3 ...

I’ve never done one but have thought of it several times. Depending on the size you want it, you could stack 6" rounds or cut out smaller circles with a round cookie cutter and stack. Then just carve our (can use a slightly smaller round cookie cutter for the shape) the top. Maybe use chocolate frosting for the coffee or brown piping gel would have a more realistic look. You could make steam out of RI or white chocolate or candy melts for a cartoonish look. I’m thinking I would use gum paste for the handle (made several days before) and attach with skewers post delivery. Another thought on the handle for a larger than life mug is to make it out of rice cereal treats and cover it in modeling chocolate. I believe this would be lighter. Don’t know if that helps any, especially since I’ve only done it in my head. :)

metria ...

here’s a recent blog post from Kerri of “That Really Frosts Me” of just that: