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I’m wanting to write a tutorial for my converse shoe, but not sure what format to use to help when uploading? Word doc? PDF?


Sarah at www.facebook.com/sweetscenecakes


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Michal Bulla ...

Hi, should be the text and images – try to click on large green “ADD NEW TUTORIAL” button on the tutorials page and you’ll see that there is content area where you can fill in the text and add images(clicking on the IMG button above the text area).

I hope this helps.

Claire ...

Hi – I think PDF would be better – it can be read on most devices but word docs have version issues

Sweet Scene Cakes ...

i have the tutorial in a PDF file as well as a photo shop album. still can’t figure out how to post in a format that will work… will try to copy and paste from the PDF but i can’t even get it to post onto my FB wall in this format either…. guh.

6 Bittersweets (Xiaolu) ...

I definitely prefer one document that I can save and refer back to easily.

Sweet Scene Cakes ...

Thanks! I actually completed the tutorial in the format that added JPGs with text in the jpgs, i think it’s easily printed from the site. It is posted here under Tutorials on Cakes Decor.