Fondant Smash Cake?

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My client is having a Dr. Seuss-themed party for her son’s first birthday and she requested a smash cake to look like the hat from “The Cat in the Hat.” I don’t want to use buttercream because I know it’ll look sloppy with that specific design, but I don’t want the fondant to harden so much that the baby can’t smash it up. What if I freeze the cake and pull it out the morning the client is to pick it up? Would the fondant stay soft enough? Any thoughts or advice would be much appreciated.


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Rock Candy Cakes ...

I won’t use any fondant on the smash cake at all. I’ve seen my niece choke on a piece of fondant and she was 3. Even if it is soft, fondant is still fairly chewy and doesn’t dissolve that quickly. I’ve seen smash cakes with it, I just wouldn’t do it. If the hat won’t work in BC, then maybe you can alter the design. Your work is so great though, I’m sure you can pull it off in BC. Good luck.

Karen Seeley ...

Maybe you could just do the red stripes in fondant and that way the child would be able to get to SOME cake with just buttercream…good luck!

Kendra ...

I was planning on painting on the red and black accents so everything is flush and smooth. Has anyone ever painted onto frozen buttercream? I’m wondering if the color will take or if it will just bead up and run.

Nicholas Ang ...

You will have condensation on your buttercream and your painted colors will smudge and bleed. Not a good idea