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Hi, just wondering how a cake ends up being a daily top 15? i see it says by most actions. one of my cakes have more veiws and comments then 2 of the 15 up there. i posted the cake yesterday about 2pm. and mine didnt make it there, so just thought i would ask, what makes it get there?

Jenn, ON, Canada, http://www.facebook.com/pages/JJ-Cupcakes/160499270757988


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Michal Bulla ...

There are more explanations why your cake was not in the top 15 and had more views and comments.
1. The cakes in the top 15 had more favorites
2. The cakes in the top 15 had more comments of other bakers – the weight of comment from other bakers is little bit greater than the comment of the author.
3. The Daily top 15 is refreshed once per hour. It means that at the time your cake could have more comments, favorites and views than the others in the top 15 already, but changes will take effect after hour.

BTW. could you please send a link to your cake? I see no cake with lots of views/comments from you…

Jennifer Jeffrey ...

Thanks so much for the info.Wasnt sure what factors effected it. :)

It is my goal to make at least top 15 one day!!! :)

Hopefully onday top 3 , lol :)

Thanks again for the info