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Hi guys,

I’ve yet to try making SMBC, at the mo I use the standard recipe of butter/icing sugar……however, am keen to try it out and see what all the fuss is about!! Can anyone share a good recipe and let me know how to go about flavouring it, with choc or lemon for example??
Also, how well does it keep in a cake once it’s sugarpasted, and would it be ok left at room temp once inside the cake?



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metria ...

great video/recipe for SMBC:

great video/recipe for IMBC:

metria ...

both are stable without refrigeration … IMBC can withstand a little more warmth than SMBC, but still they should be kept away from heat

sasha ...

thanks so much!! I found the warren brown one a couple days ago and tried it….OMG….it’s LUSH!! Wil def use it from now on!!