Help Please!! Need advice on a wedding cake!

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I have a client who saw a cake that was done with pearls in a wavy design on all three tiers, but she wants to use diamonds instead. Any suggestions?? Please help!!
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Ciccio ...

Have you got a picture of the original cake as it’s hard to imagine the first cake :-)

beth78148 ...

This is not the exact picture the bride has given me but close to it. What do you think can be done? Thanks for helping!! :D

The Clever Little Cupcake Company ...

It would cost a fortune in crystals! (especially if you want good crystals to give a good shine).

If she’s prepared for the cost, then I would make the wavy border out of gumpaste and stick the crystals to that. Then the whole thing can be removed before serving.

You have to be really careful using them, as it’s quite easy for some to be missed. Maybe get the couple to sign some sort of disclaimer.


Tiffany Palmer ...

What if you used something like this with an adhesive backing? Maybe measure and trace out the shape you want then cut the diamond sheets accordingly and secure to the backside of reyonlds freezer paper (food safe). This would make it so that it could easily be taken off of the cake before serving. This way there is no chance of any of the parts getting in the cake, something food safe is on the back of it touching the cake but she still gets the effect she is looking for? Hope this helps.

Jenniffer White ...

Do you mean edible sugar diamonds, or is a non-edible element acceptable? Either way, it’s not going to be cheap! If non-edible is OK, I would recommend looking at multi-row rhinestone chain. You should be able to cut your waves out of the chain, back it with parchment paper and wrap it around the cake in one fell swoop. I have used 4-row chains as borders for brides that want that extra bling factor. I haven’t been there in a while, but take a look at

beth78148 ...

Thank you so much for all your advice! I really appreciate you all taking the time to do that for me! :D

Dessert By Design (Krystle) ...

if she wants them edible, you can either order pre-made sugar diamonds, or buy a mold and make them from isomalt. Either way, make sure to mark up the costs so you won’t chance incurring a loss of profit if any diamonds go astray on you