Can we have a cake class page? Pwetty pleeeease!!?

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I’m just wondering if a page can be put on Cakes Decor somewhere to highlight classes around the world,
In categories like UK, US, Australia etc.

I read Raewyns post in the gazette :) And she said: ’ I’m a big believer in constant education, and I LOVE making new friends’

And I thought…hell yeah! Me too! and I know of a few classes, but often miss out on real good ones when guest tutors come over etc. And I thought if we had a page to keep upto date where classes are we can all be on the ball and even attend a few together with other members here on CD.

I try my best to keep upto date with which tutors travel here but I still miss so many! I think it would be a great addition…pwetty please!! xxx


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Raewyn Read Cake Design ...

You can probably guess that I think that’s a fabulous idea Tracey! I was devastated when I missed Carlos Lischetti this year…but apparently he loved Sydney and is coming back next year :) xx

Little Cherry ...

awww now if we had a page telling people when and where those classes were, you could have gone! LOL
Its hard to keep up with guest tutors sometimes. I would LOVE to have them all in one place where I can glance under UK and find out what exciting people were coming!

I’m dying for this to happen LOL

Michal Bulla ...

This is a great idea Tracey and to be honest, we were thinking about adding a feature like this already. There were several problems we run into while trying to find out the best way how to implement it.

We certainly would like to have something like this here on CakesDecor, it’s just the matter of time.

Little Cherry ...

oo thank-you so much Michal! I cant wait XD

are we talking weeks or months? LOL I’m so darn excited, its about time I attended a class!