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I make my own fondant and everyone seems to like it, the only problem I have is that its not a true white,, it looks off white/ivory,I have made a few wedding cakes and I dont like it not being white…. can someone please tell me what im doing wrong , is there a great recipe for making white fondant (white)?…….HELP ME PLEASE !

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The Clever Little Cupcake Company ...

You could try adding some superwhite, or wilton white white during the mixing process, it really does brighten up icing.

elaine ...

Ok..thanks, I’ll try that !

EdiblElegance ...

You could also airbrush the cake white after it is covered in your homemade fondant.

We Take the Cake ...

I agree with CleverLittleCupcake. You can try to use some super white and wilton white to make this cakes. I really appreciate for the great job and thanks for post.