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Hi guys, I’ve been looking at sheet cake pans and there is so much information out there on the sizes and the amount of people they feed. It creates a confusion for me. Based on your experience, what are the most common sizes of sheet cake pans out there and what do they yield please?

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Sweet Heaven Cake Design ...

My Tool
I allways use this….

Candee ...

I make sheet cakes mainly and for me, I score the cakes (if I’m scoring or this is the number of servings I say the cake serves; not teeny but nice sized pieces)
9 × 13″ = 24 servings (6 across by 4 width scored/cut)
12 × 18 = 48 pieces (8 across by 6 width scored)
11 × 15″ = 35 servings (7 across by 5 width scored)

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Great tool! Thank you very much Sweetheaven. And thanks for all of your feedback guys!