Upside Down Three Tier wedding cake.

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Hi Guys,
I have been asked to do an upside down three tier wedding cake next year. After googling it I have discovered a really neat cake stand to do the job but its in America! and with shipping cost it will cost me over £120.00. My question is. Has anyone done one of these cakes and if so didi they buy a special stand? If not did just using dowels work? or should i put a centre post through it?
This is the link to the stand I’m talking about:
Looks good to me.

Any help would be fantastic as this is going to be my first wedding cake and really want it to go well, obviously.

Cheers guys x

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Sweet_Tooth ...

Do you know which stand she used please stellamando?

Rosemarie Gosselin ...

HI!! I know this may be a lot of work but I suggest using a big PVC pipe screwed to a wooden board (which is covered with wrap and tissue). Your cakes will be slided on this pipe and use dowels inbetween cakes as well. Don’t hesitate to ask me for further details if you wish.
Doing this will give you a solid cake and save you money!

Sweet_Tooth ...

Thank you Rosemarie. I think this will probably be the best/cost effective way. I was gonna use a thick dowl and screw it down. Wedding not till May next year so a good while to think about and maybe do a practice run.
Thank you again x