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Hello everyone, please can someone tell me how to get the fondant 1st shining like lustre, i mean like satin color. 2nd i bought a pink shining powder, i tried to mix it with the fondant but it just disappeared, how to use that powder, do i just spread it on the finished cake? thanks for helping:)

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I am not sure what you mean by your first question, but to use the luster powder mix it with a little bit of vodka and paint it on your finished cake. The vodka evaporates so you don’t have to worry about that.

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You can also use Confectioner’s Glaze, applied with a paintbrush, to achieve a satin-to-slightly-glossy finish. I added the satin edge to the lapel of my tuxedo cake this way. I know you’re in Lebanon, so that may not be a possibility. BUT Jennifer’s advice above is a definite possibility.

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Hi, Neddo, the lustre powder you’re probably referring to is not supposed to be mixed with the fondant. It is used on the fondant once you have finished the cake to give is a slight lustre. It won’t be super shiny, but it will look nice.

In the past, I’ve sprayed some of my decoration pieces with a spray like PAM, which is a vegetable oil spray – it will give the pieces a nice shine once you wipe it off with a soft cloth – you have to be sure that the decorations are very dry.

Another option would be to airbrush your cake with a satin spray, but for that you’ll need an airbrush machine. I finally purchased one and it is AMAZING… it has cut my coloring process by 75%. I now airbrush my cakes in different colors in no time and don’t have to worry about tinting the fondant. It’s well worth the investment.