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Hi everyone,
I am new to this site but love reading all the posts and looking at all the amazing cakes.
I am hoping people might be able to give me an answer to this question I have.
When making a cake that is a large/complex project that will take a long time to decorate, say 1-2 weeks. How do you make sure the cake stays fresh and tasty, does it not go mouldy when left for this length of time? I have seen many of you have done cakes like this so would just like your advice and tips please.
Many thanks,

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Cakes that are very detailed in their decorations are usually put together the day before because many of the decorations are made ahead of time. You will find that to be true especially with cakes that contain many, many flowers, which are sometimes made months in advance.

You will also find that some of the very tall cakes actually contain dummie tiers, which have been decorated to match the bottom tiers, which is actually made of cake.

We just finished a cake for a boxing champion that needed to be a replica of a boxing ring and contain a giant pair of boxing gloves and a championship belt – all of these decorations were done the week before so they could dry properly, but the actual cake was done the day before.

Hope this answers your question. Welcome to CakesDecor!