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I’m considering the purchase of the photofrost 3600 computer printer package and was wondering if anyone has had any experience with this system. What I’d specifically like to know is:
1.) Is it a wireless printer?
2.) What version of windows does it work with?
3.) Has anyone had issues with or problems with using it?
4.) What has your experience been regarding technical support from Photofrost?
Obviously, I could ask the company these questions, but I’d rather know what the cake decorators think. I’d appreciate any info that y’all can share about this product or even the KopyKake printer.
Thank you!

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Debbie ...

Hi Rita,
I can answer some of your questions for you, but I am a competitor and it would not be right to answer all of htem.
THe printer is not wireless, you would want the Canon mg5320.
I would suggest to you that you call the company and talk with them as well as other companies to find the best match for you. While the printer is the same with whatever company you choose, inks and papers are not. You may want to ask for a sample of the paper so you can touch and feel it to see the difference. I hope this is helpful.
THank you and best of luck

RitaGreerSC ...

Thank you so much for answering. I have always wanted one so my husband is on a quest to find the perfect gift for me. I bake solely for family and charity so I’m needing something that is awesome, pain and worry free. If your product is awesome send me details please!

Debbie ...

ok based on what you just told me, I have some strong words of advice for you. Edible printing is not something you want to take on as a once in a while hobby. An edible printer must be used and used about once a week in order to stay happy. Printers, especially edible printer, must be used regularly if you dont, it wont be awesome, it wont be pain and worry free, you will spend more time maintaining it then not. You must understand if you go the route on printing once a week…something, then you are using ink up regularly, if you go the route of cleaning out your printer and storing everything, you will hate it. Do NOT let anyone tell you differently. I am an expert in edible printing, I test EVERY brand that is out there regularly and consistantly improve on our brand and while I love our brand of inks and icing sheets and I have amazing confidence in our products, they are still ment to be used…. I really do not mean to burst your dreams and wishes, but I want to be sure if you go forward with this product, no matter what the brand, that you understand it completely! Yes…our products are awesome! But, you must understand the way it is intended to be used!

RitaGreerSC ...

Thank you for being honest. I would never use it as much as it needs to be used. As of now, I buy photo sheets and draw the pictures that I need. I’ll just continue to do it that way. Thank you for your help!

Debbie ...

You an also consider having someone like our company print images for you on an on demand type basis. You just have to plan ahead.

Also, if you are looking for something fun to use that doesnt require use every week, consider a Silhouette electronic cutter. They use our icing sheets to cut out different shapes and designs and if you dont use it…thats ok! it can wait! But it is a blast and makes a great Holiday gift!