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I need your experience, advices, suggestions .. all ideas about how can I do this cake (black book)

My client want the book in color emerald green and the letters in gold

any Idea???

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Fabiana Rivarola


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fishabel ...

Are you wanting info on how to make the book or the decoration on top.?

Sweet Heaven Cake Design ...

Yes…but i need to do a old leather

fishabel ...

I did one a few months back for the local school. I baked the cake in an 9x 11 " tin quite high so the book was thick. I then carved one of the longer sides to give the rounded look of the side of the book then covered the whole thing in ganache.. Next step was a wide strip of white fondant that was attached to three sides of the cake leaving the rounded side free. I made markings with a long thin blade to look like the pages. I found I could be a bit rough with this so it didn’t take to much time. Next was rolling out the fondant in the colour you decide to use. It may make the job easier to make a quick template. Place a piece of greeseproof at the base of the rounded edge and lay it over the top of the cake. I hope you understand what I mean. This piece needs to be big enough to only slightly be bigger than the cake. Secure this piece to the cake. Then while you have rolled fondant, cut three thin strips to be placed at the base of the pages to give the look of the underneath cover . Once all the fondant was in place I used gold spray and a paint brush to make the book look old. I put some gold spray on the pages as well. Flicked a bit of paint here and there and also ran my paint brush around the edges and also on any creases that would make the book look old. To do the decoration on top you may need to use royal to do some piping, let it dry and hand paint. If you haven’t got
templates or letter cut outs you’ll have to cut it all out by hand then paint. Big job. It’s a good project to have. If you want to look at mine please go to my Facebook page, photos and look in the 3D album. It’s a brown leather with gold lettering.
I hope this will be of help to you. Please ask if I can help you with anything else

Sweet Heaven Cake Design ...

ill following all yours instructions and after that ill send you my pictures

Sweet Heaven Cake Design ...

You really do a beatiful cakes!!!

fishabel ...

Thanks for the lovely comment and good luck. I look forward to seeing your cake finished.