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I am part of a team who will be making a birthday cake for a world boxing champion. I am in charge of making the Champion belt – I’m fine with making the actual belt, but I’m open to suggestions about how to make the center piece – it has to be fancy and it needs to look like gold.

I know all of you are very talented and can give me pointers – it doesn’t have to look like the belt I posted as long as it looks like a boxing champion belt.

Hope to hear from many of you – :)))))

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DeliciousCreations ...

As far as making the belt look gold, you could use gold disco glitter — it’s pretty shiny. Have you tried googling to look at boxing champion belt cakes?

CakeChick ...

That’s a pretty fancy belt and I’m not sure I’d know where to start…but for the gold, I find if I tint my fondant/gumpaste to a tone that compliments the shade of gold I’m looking for, I get great results. I’ve used the gold glaze and really like it’s realistic tone. I’m sure you probably already know this little trick, but it’s what works for me :) Good luck!

Fun Fiesta Cakes ...

Thank you all for your advice – I’m planning on using my airbrush to make the medallions gold – I think that will work – but before I do that I need to come up with how to make the medallion – LOL!!

Wish me luck!


Roseann ...

I use metallic gold powder color or 24k gold dust mixed with some lemon extract, add just a couple of drops at a time. If it gets too watery it looks translucent. Check out my golden anniversary cake to see the color.

fishabel ...

The decorative bit looks a bit tricky. Would you consider piping a thick royal icing and letting that dry before spraying with gold. It’s hard to see all the detail but possibly with a small leave tube. From what I can make out the gold piece looks to be raised off the belt. I have made one quite some time ago but with nowhere near the amount of detail. I think with some fondant and royal you could do it. Also is there a mirror on the sides. Isomalt maybe? Hope this was of some help. Good luck!:)

Fun Fiesta Cakes ...

I like the idea of using Isomalt – never tried it before, but there’s always a first time. I made a proto-type medallions out of gumpaste/fondant using a texture roll and adding decorations made out of gumpaste. It looks OK, but I like the idea of using Isomalt on the side panels.

Thank you so much – I’ll keep on trying! BTW, I was asked to put the #50 on the side panels for the boxer’s age! I’m adding the golden gloves to the middle one! :))))

fishabel ...

Amazing. You’ve done a great job. It can only get fantastic from here..