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Hi everybody, can someone give me some advice on how to support sugarpaste figures when standing up! Mine always end up slowly leaning to one side! I’m new on this forum and am slowly learning how to use it! I live in the UK but advice from anywhere in the world would be greatly appreciated. xx alli

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Fun Fiesta Cakes ...

I always insert a toothpick or a piece of dry spaghetti to the body/head to give it support. I also wait until the gumpaste has hardened somewhat before putting the head on top of the body – if you put it on too soon, the weight of the top will make the body lean.

Weather – especially humidity – will also affect the outcome. If you are using strictly gumpaste, you will need to work quickly because it will dry on you – so when making figures, I usually use 50% gumpaste and 50% fondant – that buys me time to model the figure without worrying about dryness.

Hope this helps!

Funfetti Cakes

Radhika ...

I had the same problems when I started making figures. Use either 50-50 as Funfetti suggests, or fondant with CMC or gumtex kneaded into it. Insert a lollipop stick into the main part of the figure, such that 1/2 the stick goes into the cake. Connect the head (dried separately) Ito the body with either a toothpick or a spaghetti noodle. There are some brilliant videos on YouTube that show you how to make animals and people.