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Has anyone used the First Impressions Filigree Snowflake mold? I have trie to get different mediums out and it breaks into many pieces every time.I have tried the freezer method and dusting with cornstarch but still no luck.Please help!!

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SugarPocket ...

Are you sure you have enough tylo (CMC) mixed with your fondant? I used the freezer method recently… but did 150 hearts from a single mold, and didn’t need to use the freezer ;o)

Nancy T W. ...

Yes,I used gumpaste fondant mix,the snowflake has tiny rounded edges that just break off every time I try to get them out.Thanks for your reply.

The Clever Little Cupcake Company ...

Try rubbing a little vegetable fat in the mould before you pop it in. In the uk, we use solid vegetable fat called trex to help with the paste releasing from the mould.

Good luck, xx.

Nancy T W. ...

Thank you Clever Little Cupcake,I will try that.