Does anybody use contracts for cake orders other than wedding cakes???

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Recently I have a client some special…lol
She did an order for this 27th October for 50 guest in September
Two weeks ago she order a cake number topper with rhinestone
The last week she add a small cake on the top
Today she add 20 cookies …
When I did the price for total… she cancel the cake number topper…
The problem is 1) When she did the order she paid a 50% by the incial order.
2) What guranty I have she want the total of order???

Never happend before…. Some advice for me please????

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Fabiana Rivarola


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I always send a proposal to my customers – even my very good friends – via email. It has a description of the order, price/tax/total and delivery date and location. I tell them that once they confirm the order via email (so I have a record) I will put them in my baking schedule. I also remind them to look carefully at spelling of names, colors, etc., so that no mistakes are made. They very rarely catch errors, but at least it makes them double-check and THINK.

I’d send a summary to this person and have her reconfirm, ‘just so you can verify with all the changes that have been made.’ Good luck!