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Hi everyone,
Any good advice on crumb coating seems i always encounter the same issue with cakes…i crumb coat them, put them in the fridge overnight then next day cover with fondant…a few hours later seems bulges show up on the i delivered a christening cake when setting the tower up i noticed it bulged on the back and could not do anything ..came home feeling like crying..what if the client hated the cake because of that imperfection..has this hapened anyone? I will post picture…


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Lesley from the royal bakery gave me a great suggestion that works. Fill your cakes and then put some books on top to weigh it down for a little bit before crumb coating.

This will force the settling that was happening and causing the bulge. Good luck!

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Bulging can be caused by different things – most of the time, it is caused by overfilling in between layers – keep in mind that cake, like most structures, will settle after a while, so if you don’t allow the cake to rest before putting the fondant on, it will bulge. Fondant that is too thick may also cause the cake to bulge.

I’ve had this happened a few times, so this is what I do now… I make sure that I don’t overfill the layers; If I’m using a custard, or a curd filling, I make a dam around cake with a stiff buttercream – this will keep the filling in; I also make sure that I don’t have any overhangs on the sides of the cake – if I do, I will trim the cake all around to make sure it’s even; I crumb coat it (I’ve been using chocolate ganache lately) and refrigerate it (preferably overnight); I then put the fondant on – if I’m putting a border on the cake, I cut my fondant slightly above the cake board, so that when it settles, it will have room to expand and won’t bulge on the bottom. Allow the cake to settle for half an hour (or longer if you have the time) before you start decorating it. So far, this has worked for me (crossing my fingers)!

Hope this helps out.

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Also, make sure you rest your cakes for about 12 hours after you baked them before you start decorating. If your buttercream isn’t a crusting buttercream, that will also cause bulges.

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Thanks everyone…after the fact i actually thought the excess cream cheese frosting might have been the problem,
I did leave it from saturday to sunday before covering with fondant…i will definetely take up your suggestions
Have another cake order this upcoming weekend…
Any suggestions on the cream cheese frosting…i find mine comes out very creamy..but very fluid..i tried DC cupcakes
Frosting at a baking show..but found it to be very sweet and sugary…8 cups of sugar is quite a bit
No wonder it stiffed up….