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I have a bride who wants to use edible diamanté on her cake. The only edible ones I can find say that they melt or go cloudy in humidity and as the wedding is in July it could be quite humid. I have suggested replacing the diamanté with silver balls as she wants one at each point of embossed diamonds, instead but she is not keen on those.

Does anyone know of anything else I could suggest to her, am I missing something obvious that’s on the market??? Or I can make?

Many thanks

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Cake Couture Marbella ...

Maybe use the diamonté silicone molds, but instead of pouring isomalt, use them to mold fondant that you can then color? I find that using silver then pearl dusting powder gives it an interesting finish.

SugarPocket ...

I agree, using gem moulds and using fondant, or boiled sweets or isomalt to make the gems… I have used the edible diamante, and they were ok, but I only put them on at the venue… ;o)