2:1 ganache is too soft after adding liquor...HELP!

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I made a 2:1 ratio chocolate ganache and adding some liquor to it. I let it rest overnight and its a little soft…not really runny, but really soft. It is going to be for a filling but I wanted it a little firmer. I dont know if its too soft because of the liquor. Can I place it in the fridge to firm and then fill the cake with it….or what can I do to firm it up a bit? Also, if I do put it in the fridge to firm up once I fill the cake with it, will it get soft again or stay in that same consistency once filled? I added about 5-6 teaspoons of liquor once the ganache was made but before it had cooled.

I made 3 batches….the liquors were grand marnier, chambord and port.

Thanks :)


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fishabel ...

I’d just add a bit more melted choc. I’m sure once you got it out of the fridge it would go back to being soft. If you are concerned I’d also pipe a dam around cake so it doesn’t run out. Good luck

3DSweets ...

How long did you let it set up? If it has set overnight and is still soft, it will likely soften again after you remove it from the frig. I agree with fishabel, add some more melted chocolate.

Norma ...

Thanks guys…I simply added more chocolate and it worked :)