I need a tutorial please

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anyone know where I can find a tutorial for making cakes like this??? THANKS

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Fabiana Rivarola


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Karen de Perez ...

Helloou Sweet heaven!! I know what you are looking fot because i do want to know how to make it and until this time i haven’t found anything..but i found something, I hope it works for you…
See you!!



Sweet Heaven Cake Design ...

Thanks Karen…I follow find it…thanks


Hakima Lamour ...

There a woman who sells tutorials on how she makes these…. her facebook page is CakesAndCupcakes Cupcake Wrappers. Type it in just like that with the spaces and she comes up…she has all kinds of things inside her cakes.

Karen MacFadyen ...

The website is in tiny writing on the cake stand – this lady at www.cakesandcookies.co.za makes really great cakes and sells the tutorials too.

Priscilla ...

Oh wow thats a neat cake!!

Sweet Heaven Cake Design ...

Thanks…. thankss…
Karen gracias… voy a estudiar con la pagina que me diste… me encanto… despues te cuento….

Kima, Karen MacFadyen .. I sent an email to cakes and cooikes and she give me the price for her tutorials…. thank you so much ….