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Hi I was asked to do a castle cake, I’ve tried the piping tubes technique, but didn’t work for me, the fondant did not harden well, is there another technique? is there a tutorial somewhere?

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Nadine A.


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3DSweets ...

Did you mix tylose into your fondant? It will definitely harden it; just sprinkle some on and knead it in. Good Luck!

Toni (White Crafty Cakes) ...

When I made turrets for a castle cake, I wrapped the fondant around paper towel tubes that I had rubbed with shortening for the fondant to stick to. I made them about 5 days ahead of time, and the fondant did harden.

sweetonyou ...

I just did a castle cake today! I used wrapping paper rolls similar to what whitecrafty did. I also let them dry for several days. I made the peaked tops out of sugar cones and fondant :)

Sugar&Spice by NA ...

Thanks to all of you, you’ve been very helpful:)

Veenas Art of Cakes ...

Not sure if my reply comes to you in time but I do have a video (slide show version) on you tube on making the castle cake turrets as well as the a video version on my website. My website videos are for members only and it’s free.
I make the turrets with gum paste and roll them around card tubes. The pictures here amongst my photos has one one of my castle cakes I made.
All the best.

Sugar&Spice by NA ...

great thank you:)