Sealing Lustre spray?

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Hi! I was wondering if anyone knows of a product I could use as a sealer for edible items? I used luster spray on some chocolate oreos and they are GORGEOUS. Problem is that it seems to come off it they are handled too much! I was thinking maybe there was some sort of “seal” or “glaze” that I could cover them with? Anyone know of one?

TIA :)

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fishabel ...

You can make glaze with corn syrup. You water it down 2:1. Syrup:water. Not sure how it would go on cookies. Maybe try it…

Cake Couture Marbella ...

Yes, if you use an edible varnish spray. I think that you call it glaze in the uk? PME does one. I always spray items such as crowns, etc that I have luster sprayed before, it avoids getting gold all over my cakes.
It works on cakes, sugar and even chocolate.
Just be careful not to over spray it or it might slightly fade the gold/silver/luster