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Could anyone help me, i’m clicking on the follow button but my page is saying following none., i’m a bit confused.

PetiteSweet-Cake Boutique


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Michal Bulla ...

you can follow post(cake, forum topic) – it’s the green button below the post Title on the right side. You will be notified anytime someone replies to this post. For example: You check a cake or forum topic which is interesting and you don’t want to miss any comments, so you click on this follow button.

Or you can follow a member. The button is located below the member’s icon on his member page. You’ll be notified anytime this member posts something new. For example: you find out that someone is great cake decorator, or your friend and you don’t want to miss his forum topics, comments, cakes – click on the follow a member button.

Which one doesn’t work for you ?

PetiteSweet-Cake Boutique ...

clicked on follow button on right but showing up as not following anybody.

Little Cherry ...

lol i got confused with this too. to follow a MEMBER you have to click the follow button under their profile picture…..not the one you see at the top right.
If you click the follow button at the top right you will just follow activity on that page/cake/topic, not the actual person xx

PetiteSweet-Cake Boutique ...

thank you x

Little Cherry ...

no probs, i kept wondering why i was getting notifications of comments that wernt even on my cake….and thats because i had clicked to follow the CAKE and not the person who made it LOL x