How To Keep Foil Cupcake Liners from Separating!!!

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I always have trouble with the foil muffin cups. The white paper & the foil always separate. On S
aturday 9/9/12, I have an order that will require me to use these. I need help. Fast!
1. Is there some way to prevent this?
2. If not, can I remove the white paper liner and bake the batter directly in the foil cup?
3. Will I need to adjust oven temps to do this?

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Prima Cakes and Cookies - Jennifer ...

I always take the white liners out and just use the foil part. I also don’t adjust my timing but i never trust the time on the recipe and just keep an eye on my cakes/cupcakes.

lolobeauty ...

Thanks Jennifer. I will definitely try that. It’s so ugly to have those liners separating. I usually have to make extra cupcakes to have enough “good” ones that don’t separate. Such waste.

Nikki Belleperche ...

I never bake in the white liners..I always take them out and bake directly in the foil ones as well. But if that bothers you they do sell foil liners that have the white lining built in so that they cant separate. I bought some from the site I get plastic cupcake containers from cause I knew I was going to need some. They were great. Here’s the link if you want to have a look!

lolobeauty ...

Thanks. I’ll try that site. But in the meantime, I’ll just remove the liners….the event is 5 days away.