How do I deliver this cake without it falling?

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I would like to make a sitting Spongebob cake for an order next Friday (like the photo), but it has to be a buttercream finish. It’s so tall and narrow I’m not sure how I would deliver it 30 minutes away without messing up the finish. If it was fondant then I could support it with my hands, but the b/c is throwing a monkey wrench in my plans, lol. I feel like it would topple over if I wasn’t holding it up. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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Nikki Belleperche ...

Dowel it really well. I have never done it before, So I can’t explain how, but maybe try the dowels that screw into the cake board? Two of those in his body would ensure he wouldn’t be going anywhere!

Happy ...

That sounds like a good idea. I’ve never done that either, but I think it’s a good plan. Thank You!

lolobeauty ...


Get a large enough dowel and drill a small hole in one end. Decide where you will place it on your cake board, then poke a hole in the cake board. Hold the dowel in place over the hole. Then, from the bottom of the cake board, attach the dowel with a small screw & a washer. The washer will stopthe screw from going through the board. Works for me…hopethis can help you. Use as many dowels as you need to support whatever size cake you’re making.

— lolobeauty’s…where sweet dreams are made

Happy ...

Okay, I think I understand what you’re saying about screwing in the dowel, but wouldn’t the nut stick out from the bottom of the board and cause it to sit unevenly? Or are you saying to just use a washer with no nut?

lolobeauty ...

Use only the washer.

Nikki Belleperche ...

I would think also that using a drum or 3 cake boards as your base would give you enough room to put the screw in just enough to sit flush on the bottom without peeking through on top. Thanks for the tip lolobeauty! I like your way a lot more then others I have seen. Seems more affordable too!

Happy ...

Thank you all for the help!