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I’m confused about the CD Pulse … it states: CakesDecor Pulse | new posts & new activity on the posts you follow in the last 30 days … but I dont follow any of them so I’m not sure how this works… can someone explain this to me. Thanks



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Michal Bulla ...

Alright, let’s divide it:

Showing the posts that you never checked – you can see there all posts that you never checked. Once you check a post, it disappears from pulse. I checked all posts(I’m probably the only one who did :) ) , I have my pulse empty. When new post is added, I will see it in the pulse.

and new activity on the posts you follow in the last 30 days – There is a mistake in this sentence, it should be: and new activity on the posts you are tracking in the last 30 days

It means that if you click on the “Start tracking discussion” green button below the Cake, Blog entry, Forum Topic etc. you’ll see it in the Pulse anytime someone posts a comment.

Your Cakes, Blog entries, Forum Topics are set to track automatically – it works the same way as you clicked on the “Start tracking discussion”.

I’m glad you bring this up – We would like to change the pulse to display only posts of people you are following – like it works in Facebook – you only see the posts of your friends.

TheCakeBar ...

Michal thanks for the explanation but thats just the problem …. I do select “start tracking dicussion” for very few posts. The dicussion that are listed are not the ones I tracked.

Michal Bulla ...

Yes, those are the Showing the posts that you never checked

TheCakeBar ...

Sorry maybe I wasnt clear, but I’m NOT tracking/following any of the posts that are listed. And the very few that I want to track are hard to find because of it.

erin12345 ...

That’s what it means. You never checked the post, so you aren’t following them. They are listed regardless. If you were following them you would have checked them. Does that help at all?

TheCakeBar ...

ok Gotcha … I misunderstood… I was thinking it would only show the posts you were following/tracking. Thanks