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does anyone know are airbrush colors ready to use and has anyone tried to thin down any form of regular food color?

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Rock Candy Cakes ...

Airbrush colors are ready to use. In a recent airbrush class with Mike Terry he said to never put other colors in the airbrush and don’t try and thin them down. He made that a HUGE point. I’ve only used Americolor in mine.

Wendy Baiamonte ...

i use americolor airbrush colors, ready to go. i took a class with bronwen weber and she said you can thin down gel colors with vodka and use them in your machine. I personally have never had to do that since there are so many airbrush colors available. HTHS!

lori ...

Thanks! I just got a new airbrush and americolors and was curious. I recieved the brush first and couldn’t wait so I tried some liquid drop color with a few drops of water and it worked on paper so I was wondering. Now that my colors arrived I can’t wait to play. Thanks again and if anyone has any experence or ideas I’d like to hear them.