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Hey guys, got a request for a female torso cake w/boobs and va-j-j… first time for me .. would like to know who’s done one, how much you’ve charged, and a great tute on it. Also, they would like GIN in the cake. What flavor cake pairs well with gin? Thanks

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Sophisticated ...

I made one similar before. I can send you a picture if you’d like. If interested let me know.

TheCakeBar ...

yes please would appreciate that with some tips. please and thank you :)

JudeCreations ...

If you have the round ball pan (wilton one) that can be used to make the boobs. Any pan in the similar shape will do.

Kendra ...

I used the Wilton ball pan and a 9X13 pan. I can also send you a picture if you want.

TheCakeBar ...

yes Kendra thanks … I do have the ball pan

Sophisticated ...

I found it easy for me to use the heart shape pan for the body and the ball pan for the breasts. This method required minimal carving for me.
Where would you like me to send you the picture? You can have an idea of what I’m talking about

TheCakeBar ...

you can send it to my fb cake page (see signature) thanks