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Hello, bakers,

I have been asked to make a Hello Kitty/Kuromi-My Melody cake for a 1 year old. If anybody has done one before and has any instructions on how to make the little Kuromi-My Melody characters, I’d appreciate hearing from you.

Many thanks.

Funfetti Cakes :))))

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I wonder if you could use the Hello Kitty Pan by Wilton and then alter the ears with carving them from another cake and attach under the fondant. The face part is pretty much the same between Hello Kitty and My Melody

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The client actually wants the little characters on top of the cake (out of gumpaste) – I got the face down pat, but I’m having a hard time with the body portion. My gumpaste dries out very quickly and when I bend the feet area, it wrinkles and doesn’t look neat.

I have a feeling I’ll be making lots of cherries (part of the cake) to cover up those dry feet -LOL!!! I’ll keep trying!