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I find it very difficilt to upload my pictures because of the 5Mb upload limit. I have been uploading before watermarking because this makes the picture size even bigger! This time however I was unable to upload any, as they were all over the limit. It was a fab cake and I was very disappointed, can any help?

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Robert Allen ...

You can start by just making the pictures smaller, or you other choice could be to upload them somewhere else and just put a link to them here.

I usually make my pictures about 500 pixels wide.

Joyce Nimmo ...

If you have Microsoft Office you can right click on the picture file and open in with that program. Under edit you can choose resize and then save the new size and upload. I do that all the time because mine are often over the 500.

Hope this helps,

Michal Bulla ...

I don’t think it’s caused by size: 3872px x 2592px (72dpi) has around 3.5Mb. Standard picture 1024×768 must be smaller than 5Mb.

If you are adding the watermark, don’t forget to save the picture without layers(export it to jpeg). Files with layers could be much larger(more Mb).

Scrummy Mummy's Cakes ...

Thanks everyone x