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I am still new at this. Have only been decorating for a little over a year. I have recently heard of a product called a Cake Safe. I have viewed the web site and all that but what I want to know is there anyone out there who has actually used this system and what are your thoughts, recommendations, pros, and or cons.

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Robert Allen ...

I do not have one, nor have I tried it. But I’ve heard first hand testimonials on how well it works. Being at a lot of the same shows as Scott (owner of Cake Safe) I have been by his booth when I’ve heard customers brag about how it has saved them this or that cake during travels. I’ve never heard anything negative about it, except maybe how people wish it was cheaper in cost.

But of course I understand that what I have heard is kinda one sided so it will be interested to see what other replies you receive.

Margie ...

I have one, and am afraid to use it. Have stacked several 3 tiers and the thoght of pushing that rod thru the cake scares the hell out of me. After all my work, I would hate for it to crumble. I guess I could make a practice tiake, but not enought time.

kathy ...

I have read all the comments on the web page but would really like for some honest feedback before investing that much money. I am starting to have more business and hate the delivery part of it. I will be doing a wedding cake for 250 my biggest to date, but it’s not until next year and it is 900 miles away. Not that I will travel with the cake for that distance. I will be making the cake there. Thought if I got one of those before the event It would make for a less stressful delivery since I am not sure of the conditions there. Hope all this makes since sometimes I rattle on.