What are good ways to promote and market a new Cake business and start getting customers?

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I am a pretty new business (a year into it), and I am wondering what kind of things I can do to start marketing and promoting my business to get more customers at a more quicker pace. I make cake bites, cake pops, and cake bite cakes. Right now I am pretty word of mouth and I have done a few bridal shows. Does anyone have any advice? Thanks:)

Yolanda Marshall, Owner/Designer, http://www.facebook.com/cakebitedelights


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caymancake ...

If there is a local advertisement site you can try that – also facebook is great for word of mouth too!

Priscilla ...

Agree w Caymancake Facebook is good & Craigslist has actually been good to me.. Or flower shops..

Yolanda Marshall ...

Craigslist, really? How are where do you post on there? Do people really go there to look for cake decorators?

Rock Candy Cakes ...

I’m curious on how MiVidaSweets uses Craigslist too.