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I’m looking for a detailed tutorial on how to make fondant chevron stripes on a cake like in the image below. I get the general gist of how to do it, but I’d love to see the process in a tutorial to see how they keep everything lined up well. Thanks!

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Maria @ RooneyGirl BakeShop ...

check out, she has a chevron cake on there and she talks about using a transfer method with wax paper. she prints out or draws out the stripes as a template, places wax paper over it, puts a little crisco on the wax paper, and proceeds to layout her stripes. Then she picks up the whole thing (she says the stripes will stick to the wax paper so no chance they will slide off) and you are able to position it onto the side of your cake and then peel away the wax paper. Sounds genius and her cakes are gorgeous but I have not tried the technique myself.
good luck.

It's a Cake Thing ...

Here’s one by Erica OBrien Cake Designs. Step by Step…I’ve never tried it but just looked at before I saw this post. SO here you go. Hope it helps.

6 Bittersweets (Xiaolu) ...

Thanks so much! Seems like my question was well-timed as well since My Cake School just released a chevron tutorial video, too. You have to pay a monthly fee for her content, but it’s sooooo worth it :).

Hakima Lamour ...

There isn’t a monthly fee with you only pay a yearly fee which is $30. And I’ve seen the video it is great and a huge help as she shows two different techniques to make them.

6 Bittersweets (Xiaolu) ...

Yes, you’re right thanks for correcting my mistake. I meant to say yearly fee. Yes it’s a great video and I recommend anyone with a remote interest in decorating cakes to sign up :).