How to fondant cover a cake with a slice of it cut out

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Hi I am new in baking and recently came across a piece of cake covered in fondant with a slice of it cut out. The cut out slice is also covered in fondant. Any advice on how to achieve smooth fondant covering for the larger piece of cake with the slice cut out? Thank you.

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Karen MacFadyen ...

I have never tried this – but if I was doing it – I would make the cake as normal and cover it with fondant and smooth just as normal. Then I would carefully slice out the piece of cake. I would then roll out some more fondant the same thickness as the cake just covered. Take a measurement of the slab of cake and then double the width. You would then need two pieces of fondant this size. One to cover completely the cut edges of cake slice and two to cover up the triangle you cut out of the cake. I think that makes sense!! That is how I would do it – as it would be easier to do this and then smooth the joins than try to cover a cake with a slice missing!

dacupcakesisters ...

Hi Karen, your kind advice / tips is very much appreciated. Will try it out sometime in the future. Cheers!