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Hi everyone,
I am making a giant cupcake tomorrow and was going to try and make the chocolate base! I have done this once before but not used it on a cake, it went well but I have tried to do it again but it won’t come away from the tin! I used white chocolate the first time and did one layer then put it in the fridge then I did the second layer which I had to do quickly as it was trying to set cause of the tin being cold! I wanted to do brown this time so use milk chocolate!
Can anyone tell me the do’s and donts for this process please?
Also I would like an actual recipe for a giant cupcake to compare to mine! Including the frosting is possible! If I try to do rose swirls they tend to sag or fall off round the edges.
Thank you in advance for your time and help
Sarah x

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Nikki Belleperche ...

I personally use the big top silicone giant cupcake mold (my dad got it for me for christmas years ago). Its SO easy to remove the chocolate shell with the silicone mold since you can just peel the mold off the shell! The only downside to it is that there is a small horizontal line in the mold to mark where you should fill the batter..but I just turn it to the back, its barely noticeable!

As for recipes I use my normal cake recipes so it just depends on what flavor is wanted. And a good crusting buttercream will help with your sagging rose swirls! Good luck!

Lisapeps ...

With the metal wilton tin you have to let it come back to room temperature to get the shell out. Just let it get back to room temp, turn it over, tap it a few times on the surface and it should fall right out.

I usually make a couple of 4" rounds and a couple of 6" rounds and layer them in the shell, I then carve the top out of a couple of 8" rounds and a couple of 6" rounds (all my layers are 1" tall).