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Please advise me as to whether or not a Kenmore Stand Mixer will be adequate for fondant. I know some of the Kitchen Aids are popular and widely used, but I needed to conserve my finances. Thanks.

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TheHandyBaker ...

How many watts is the mixer? Mixers with higher watts usually have more power.

Adele ...

I have had aid mixer for more than 20 years. They are expensive in the beginning but you won’t have to replace it. Overall I think the money is well spent. that I burned out several mixers. Might be a better investment to get a Kitchen Aid. I make fondant and bread a lot and this mixer never has failed.

Joyful Cakes ...

I too have burned out numerous mixers but the one that is lasting hands down is the Kitchen Aid.

cakemommy ...

I would get a 4.5 qt kitchen aid. It is my workhorse especially for fondant. My 6 qt KA is a wimp, has burned up twice in less than a yr and all i use it for is smbc!! The KA rep told me motor in little one sturdier for tough use