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I’ve been contacted to make a groom’s cake, and the person sent me a picture of what she’d like.
She wants the cake to be shaped this way with little airplanes around it. She requested fondant. I have no idea how I would make this cake, worse, don’t really know how I would charge for it if I were to make it.

Please, any advice, suggestion would be welcomed.

Thank you!!!

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Fun Fiesta Cakes ...

Hi, Vanny, I suggest using a dense cake so you can sculpt it – depending on the size of the actual cake, you may need to use two sheet cakes. I would do the top wings and shield in a mixture of fondant and gumpaste and airbrush them silver. I would do these ahead of time so they are completely dry.

If you are not sure, you may want to practice the sculpting on a smaller cake – just to be sure.

TheCakeBar ...

Vanny, if its not too late…. this is not as hard as it looks…. just print the picture off the size you want the cake to be….when carving … pin that pic on top of your baked cakes in order to carve it out… as far as the wings go… you can do those individually with fondant … for the middle emblem piece you can either make that out of RKT, or cake….. and of course spray the cake with silver. HTH thats what I would do